Partner With Us

Our Process

Step 1: Establish A Partnership

We see ourselves as an extension of your team. Tapping our extensive resources and pool of top-tier candidates to meet your human capital requirements.

Step 2: Making The Match

With your needs and expectations in mind, we reach out to our network to source a handful of candidates that meet your discerning needs. We’ll work with you to facilitate the meetings and conversations necessary to ensure a great fit.

Step 3: Making The Hire, Lasting Resource

Once you identify the right candidate, we’ll help you seal the deal. And the work doesn’t stop there. We know the experience will be such that you’ll turn to us for future needs.

Why You Should Work With Us


For years, we’ve been recruiting for the biggest players on Wall Street and know what’s required in today’s financial world. With a proprietary database of candidates that we’ve built lasting relationships with, we know when they are ready for a new challenge before the rest of the industry.

In Person Communication

So many firms have lost the value of connection. We know that great talent is more than just what’s on paper, what can be gleaned from an on-line chat, or generic questionnaire. That’s why we still believe in in-person meetings and enduring relationships.

Quality Over Quantity

In a world where mountains of resumes and applications seem overvalued and reliance on algorithms rule the day. We look at things differently. We look at long standing relationships and connections within the industry to guide discovery of the best talent.

Partner With Us