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Our New Survey Reveals Latest Trends in the Financial Job Market

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A new survey, conducted by Solo Management, found that a good, comfortable workplace-environment is what keeps 50{10665fcb329dae5151b7de6f6e16cb19eedbef466e8f788b90e86a4bc0f5ab05} of job candidates in the financial industry motivated during a job search.

Interestingly enough, the same survey found traditional “ask” like salary (25{10665fcb329dae5151b7de6f6e16cb19eedbef466e8f788b90e86a4bc0f5ab05}) and a combination of salary and benefits (10{10665fcb329dae5151b7de6f6e16cb19eedbef466e8f788b90e86a4bc0f5ab05}) weren’t the critical deal makers-or-breakers that they used to be. This reflects a growing job market trend in which personal wellbeing and satisfaction trump financial compensation.

The survey also revealed that when it comes to finding jobs, 33{10665fcb329dae5151b7de6f6e16cb19eedbef466e8f788b90e86a4bc0f5ab05} of job seekers are using LinkedIn, and other online sites – with only 25{10665fcb329dae5151b7de6f6e16cb19eedbef466e8f788b90e86a4bc0f5ab05} working through a professional recruitment service. While this comes as no surprise, we’ll be the first to remind everyone that the DIY approach to a professional job search, especially in the financial sector, doesn’t always yield the most satisfying results.

The simple fact is, nothing beats having an experienced, in-person advocate on your side, someone who gets to know your needs and then matches you with firms that will make the best fit for you. We’re also terrific negotiators, making sure you are compensated adequately for the talents you bring the marketplace.

To conduct this three-question survey, we polled 700 front and back office candidates in the financial industry on the nuances of the job market in 2020.

Here are the complete findings:

When candidates were asked what motivates them when looking for a job:

  • 50{10665fcb329dae5151b7de6f6e16cb19eedbef466e8f788b90e86a4bc0f5ab05} want an environment they feel comfortable in
  • 25{10665fcb329dae5151b7de6f6e16cb19eedbef466e8f788b90e86a4bc0f5ab05} are motivated by money
  • 10{10665fcb329dae5151b7de6f6e16cb19eedbef466e8f788b90e86a4bc0f5ab05} equally value money and benefits

When asked if they are in the market for a new job:

  • 50{10665fcb329dae5151b7de6f6e16cb19eedbef466e8f788b90e86a4bc0f5ab05} said they are always in the market
  • 25{10665fcb329dae5151b7de6f6e16cb19eedbef466e8f788b90e86a4bc0f5ab05} plan to look in the new year
  • 10{10665fcb329dae5151b7de6f6e16cb19eedbef466e8f788b90e86a4bc0f5ab05} are open to a strategic move but are not actively looking

When asked where they turn when looking for a job:

  • 33{10665fcb329dae5151b7de6f6e16cb19eedbef466e8f788b90e86a4bc0f5ab05} said LinkedIn
  • 17{10665fcb329dae5151b7de6f6e16cb19eedbef466e8f788b90e86a4bc0f5ab05} said Indeed
  • 25{10665fcb329dae5151b7de6f6e16cb19eedbef466e8f788b90e86a4bc0f5ab05} say they use a recruiting service
  • 10{10665fcb329dae5151b7de6f6e16cb19eedbef466e8f788b90e86a4bc0f5ab05} say they use a combination of all

We predict that there will be other sea changes to the way people find jobs in this coming decade. If you’re considering making a career move in the volatile financial world, consider giving us a call and discover how we can help you make a decision you’ll be happy with.